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Activity mat, make-up case, carryall in one? @layngo

Looking for a new make-up bag or storage for your kids Legos? Try the Lay-n-Go! Lay-n-go is a 5 foot diameter activity mat that coverts to a satchel allowing for quick and easy clean up of toys. There is a smaller Lay-n-Go Lite which is a smaller, personal activity mat and a Lay-n-Go “cosmo” cosmetics bag. It is great for storing small items and for on the go activities where you need a mat too. They call it their activity mat, cleanup, carryall and storage solution in one (yeah, finally!)  This was a great solution for me as most days I am dumping the contents of my make-up case on the bed, counter or wherever I am to do my make-up. It wipes clean and is a much more functional cosmetics bag. Plus, perfect for those annoying little toys like polly pockets!


New and improved make-up bag!

Disclosure: the company sent me the Lay-n-Go cosmo for review. All opinions are my own.




Travel Plans? @HemlsBriscoe

I am not a big traveler any more. I used to travel all the time for work but since being self-employed and most of my work is done online and over the phone I do not get on a plane or stay in a hotel that often. I do have a trip planned for an overnight in NYC and was looking for a hotel and did not have time to do the research myself and that I why I was so excited to meet Eileen Shank of HemlsBriscoe. (check her out on linked in!)

Within a day she got me a great rate at a hotel in NYC. Day 1 and my trip was planned! Working with someone to help plan your trip, meeting or event is much easier, I think!

The next time you have a group meeting or event to plan contact Eileen at HelmsBriscoe. She specializes in large, group rates (10 or more overnight rooms) and or all rooms and meeting spaces from the smallest meetings to city wide conventions.

FYI…HelmsBriscoe is the global leader in meeting procurement, saving customers time, energy, effort, money and resources and it is the largest site selection company in the world. I do believe they get exclusive access to special rates and promotions not available to anyone else.

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Product Review: Kiss My Face Travel Size Peace Soap – One product does it all

Well, I wish I knew about this fab new product earlier in the summer as it would have saved me lugging around several products to the beach and pool! You know when you go on vacation or camping and you bring shampoo, conditioner, wash for the bathing suits, dish soap for the pots and pans, etc. etc. – well now you can grab this  – Kiss my Face Peace Soap – a 100% natural castile soap and it does the job of several products and smells great.

Plus it’s biodegradable, environmentally friendly, made without parabens, phthlates and animal ingredients and is not tested on animals. The company sent me  a sample of the pomegranate acai and it worked great (especially for washing sand and chlorine out of bathing suits!)

The multi-purpose peace soap is just perfect for traveling and camping and good for just about anything from head to toe cleaning to washing out camping gear. The peace soap is named for its support of Seeds of Peace, an organization that aims to develop relationshiopss and leadership skills among young people from regions of conflict. Kiss my Face supports seeds of Peace by donating 10% of all profits from Peace Soap to the organization.

Kiss My Face Castile Soap


Stay-cation – playdates, possible sleepovers and some sweet treats!

It’s Monday – the first day of school vacation here in Boston.

What to do…..what to do?  Whether it’s a playdate for your kids, a trip to Boston (not today though with all the marathoners!) or a surprise sweet treat, there is something to do that is close by and affordable. So, we are spending our week as a Stay-cation.

A vacation that is spent at one’s home enjoying all that home and one’s home environment has to offer is a Stay-cation. We will advenutre to some other towns so here is what we have planned. What is own your list for school vacation with your kids? 

Playdates and a possible sleepover – always a fun time for the girls to get together with friends.  A sleepover has been requested however the last (and I said only time) that we had 8 girls sleep over there was no sleeping – of course you would know that if you have a 8-10 year old girl! In the future we will limit it to one or two girls!

A trip to Treat Cupcake Bar in Needham, MA – I think this might be for me and not the girls. You choose a cupcake, a frosting and topping treats. YUM!

A visit to red box one night and “pan” popcorn (and a dash of parmasean cheese).

Rollerskating – can you say retro?  We usually head to Roller Kingdom in Tyngsboro

A day trip to Boston – swan boats, north end pizza and maybe Mike’s pastry!

For a fun water filled adventure, In Danvers there is the area’s indoor water park called Coco Keyes which the kids feel like they are on vacation far away.  Althought the last trip up there during winter break a few years ago was PACKED – so word of warning…

Enjoy your week!

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Getting Gorgeous

Wow….that is how I would describe the Getting Gorgeous event in New York this past weekend. Getting Gorgeous Events brings bloggers together with some great companies.  The fashion and beauty event was at the Metropolitan Pavillion on Sat. April 2 and it was a blast.   These events were created by two fabulous, smart and talented women: Vera Sweeney and Audrey McClelland.  

We connected with representatives from Tide, Hanes, Flipout Sandals, Degree, Goody Hair, LifetimeMoms and many more.  We also met some great bloggers including ladies from:  Frugalfamilyfunblog A mom knows best and Mabels Labels 

There is so much to talk about like…..

Those wonderfully dreamy cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcake  in DC. Yes I had two – the red velvet and deep chocolate and I am still thinking about them – luckily they deliver.  

Any product from Belli Skin Care smelled amazing. I would use these lotions even if I wasn’t pregnant.  I liked their hand sanitizer the best. These products are great for expecting moms, new moms and baby skin care.  

I LOVE the concept behind Flip Out Sandals Flip flops with interchangeable shoe jewels. They also sell jelly sandals as well.  It brings a little bling to your summer flip flops.  We all know how much I love my flip flops!   

BJ’s Wholesale Club has a spread of dips including guacamole, hummus and salsa. ALL were yummy.

In our fantastic gift bag we received some great products from Hanes, Degree, Tide to go and these pretty earrings from Studio Jewel.   

A talented make-up artist created a smoky eye for me. Leora Edut did a great job. My travel companion, mommajam  thank goodness knew her way around and we had a blast not to mention some laughs along the way!   It was just a great time meeting other bloggers, talking to some great product companies and enjoying some great treats!



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Mom Travel Tips

I was so excited to be traveling yesterday for a presentation and I thought I was prepared. That was until I was stuck at the airport for 4.5 hours!  Of course I had my hand sanitizer and wipes and a change of clothes and comfy shoes. After realizing I did not have the proper bag to fit the accumulating magazines and chocolate I kept buying (how many chocolate stores can one airport have?) I found myself wandering through those travel stores to see what’s in store.  Here is what I wish I had with me.

A bag on wheels.  Even though I only went for the day shelping though the airport with a bag that I just kept adding stuffy to only weighed me down. Here is a cute one from baggallini - a rolling tote! I like how it has three separate compartments: one designed for your clothes, one for cosmetics and a center compartment for your laptop, paperwork and room for accessories and additional clothing! The company was founded by flight attendants so they know a good bag.  The day tripper bag is also perfect.

I am a stickler about bringing on a carry on bag that has a FULL zipper. At some point in my life I must have lost items on a plane and was tramatized.  Can you believe out of the many bags I own only one was big enough? Geese I think I need a new bag!

Here’s a tote to go from Brookstone, If you are like me and tend to accumulate stuff in the airport – but I just had to have that Oprah mug – this one is great!  I like it as it folds down to a tiny square so you can put it in another bag and use it when you need it.

Of course if you hate to dig in your bag to locate an item try one of the purse organizers. I love purseket. I also adore this purse to go by purse bling.  

Happy travels!

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MNO baby!

Trendymommies headed out for their first official girls night out (well, overnight stay) to Gloucester Mass and it was a blast. The City of Gloucester is beautiful and there are many fun things to do.  So if you are looking for a mom’s getaway or a trip to the beach with the kids head up to Gloucester, Mass. 

Our accommodations were wonderful. The Atlantis Oceanfront Inn was amazing.

Each room has an ocean view. As you lie in your bed you can hear and see the ocean waves. There is an oceanfront breakfast cafe which I hear is fabulous. I will try next time I visit (as we slept in late……what? There were no kids to wake us up!) One of my favorite beaches – Good Harbor – is a 1/4 mile away. There were great places to eat, museums to visit and nightlife.

Our trip this time was focused on shopping.  We took a trip down Main Street and were in and out of some interesting and unique stores.

  • Bananas was full of fun including rows of eclectic clothing, shoes and jewelry. Vintage finds were everywhere! Rachel Zoe would have fun in this store (it is BA-Nan AS)
  • GreenLife has great organic finds for mom and baby.
  • The Black Swan has trinkets and jewelry and we discovered fantastic extra large fortune cookies covered in chocolate.
  • Menage Galllery had beautiful handmade furniture and unique gifts
  • Pisces is also a great gift shop.  They have fun glassware, treats and some clothing

So gals, next time you are planning a get-a-way for the girls head up to Gloucester, Mass for food, fun, shopping, great scenery and a peaceful atmosphere!