I have always loved Cape Cod and have frequently visited the lower and outer cape towns so many times over the years. It was not until a few years ago that I really discovered Falmouth. Oh sure I have been to Woods Hole to take the ferry to Martha’s Vineyard but never really stayed or ventured out in town. We were able to spend an overnight at The Sea Crest Beach Hotel in Falmouth (they were kind enough to extend the media rate) during April school vacation week and what a trip! As soon as we checked in and got to our ocean front room we were relaxed and the beach is RIGHT there! In fact if you stay in an ocean front room your kids can be on the beach and you can sit on your deck to watch them just feet away.

This waterfront resort is set on Old Silver Beach and is less than seven miles from Main Street Falmouth shopping and dining. The amenities are wonderful and include a fitness center, an indoor and outdoor pool, and a poolside bar. We were treated to lunch at Red’s and with the views of the ocean my kids said it felt like we were eating lunch on a ship! The sunset is stunning from this hotel and we highly recommend staying for April school vacation week. In fact I have never seen the water that clear and blue on the cape before – a very special location indeed!  This resort offers group activities, movie nights and especially for the kids the KANGAROO CLUB! Learn more about all the fun here.

The resort also has a conference center and is the perfect location for a wedding!

The weather was almost 70 degrees the day we were there and it felt like summer. We will have to go back to check out the resort in the summer as the kids really wanted to experience the outdoor pool!

Disclosure:  I stayed for an overnight at the Sea Crest using their special media rate and was treated to a lunch at Red’s. All opinions in this blog post are my own.

The fish and chips at Red's restaurant @SeaCrestCapeCod is fab!

The fish and chips at Red’s restaurant @SeaCrestCapeCod is fab!

Stunning views and clear water @SeaCrestCapeCod

Stunning views and clear water @SeaCrestCapeCod

The most beautiful sunset is @SeaCrestCapeCod

The most beautiful sunset is @SeaCrestCapeCod

The view from the ocean front room @SeaCrestCapeCod Kid friendly, welcoming staff and THE VIEW is what makes this resort special!

The view from the ocean front room @SeaCrestCapeCod Kid friendly, welcoming staff and THE VIEW is what makes this resort special!

There is some exciting kids & family initiatives for the Red Sox season at Fenway Park! On the top of the list is of course free tickets for kids & student discount tickets. Entry-level membership in Red Sox Kid Nation (children 14 and under) will be free, and every child in the program can attend a game for free. You can begin signing up for the membership and free tickets HERE.

New this year for the first time, the club will offer a virtual reality experience at Fenway Park through a series of 360 videos that give exclusive, all-access views of what it’s like to be a Red Sox player during the 2016 season. Very cool! The virtual reality stations will be available to kids in Wally’s Clubhouse and to all fans in the Kids Concourse and the videos will also be available to fans online too.

Coming to a neighborhood near you debuting the week of May 9th – Be on the lookout for the Red Sox Mobile Truck. The Red Sox will take Fenway Park on the road with a new mobile truck that will bring the ballpark experience to communities throughout New England. The Red Sox Mobile Experience presented by T-Mobile features a 15-foot truck with panels that move to remake the Green Monster wall. The truck will carry a batting cage, virtual reality dugout, and pitching stations to dozens of cities and towns during the 2016 season.

If you have been to a game  you know the little ones can take a break at Wally’s Clubhouse. A few, fun new things this year include:

  • A rolling mobile exhibit will feature a miniature fiberglass version of Pesky’s Pole that youngsters can sign with a dry erase marker, a piece of the padded field wall that lines the infield and outfield, and various compartments with objects for them to feel, such as a deconstructed baseball and Fenway Park dirt.
  • Miniature lockers staged to look just like the ones in the Red Sox clubhouse will be installed in Wally’s Clubhouse, and an oversized trunk filled with authentic Red Sox jerseys, cleats, and batting gloves will be available for kids to play dress up!
  • The Red Sox will also host a comprehensive clinic later in the season for kids who want to learn how to score the game.
  • At the end of Spring Training, Tessie the Green Monster (Wally’s sister) will take her place in the Kids Concourse where she will be a permanent staple before and during Red Sox home games throughout the season.

Disclosure: I am part of the Red Sox Moms initiatives and as such was treated to a luncheon and goody bag and got to hear all about the great venues that the Red Sox and Fenway Park has to offer.

Our new #RedSoxmoms shirt this season

Our new #RedSoxmoms shirt this season






Lots of beauty products come across our desk to review at trendymommies. We try to look for all natural, paraben free products and ones that help solve a problem. The folks at SkinAgain sent us a few products to test out. Called positive energy skincare SkinAgain suggests to enhance your beauty with positive affirmations. Hey it can’t hurt right?

Each SkinAgain product is Vegan, Gluten-Free, Paraben & Sulphate-Free and Cruelty-Free. The company says they rely on the latest in research-supported skin care technology. I tested out the Vanish and Youth creams.

Vanish is a lotion that is used to fade the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks and scars. It is made with a blend of shea butter, avocado seed extract, and bentonite. The cost is $52. I liked how soothing it is. Time will tell about fading the appearance but I liked the smell and the soothing properties. For this one I will have to circle back to tell you how my skin is after a month.

The youth anti-wrikle brightening cream is like a “facelift” primer and can be used under makeup. It is made with Rumex Occidentalis Extract, Tree Fern Extract, and Peptides. It is used to diminish the appearance of wrinkles, darks spots, and loss of elasticity. This definitely felt nice going on. The cost is $64. I have only been using it a week and can see a difference. I do love how they are vegan and gluten free as well. Check them out online. 

They suggest to meditate on a positive affirmation during application of each cream to say something such as My skin is flawless! I like saying my skin is wrinkle free….and it will be with youth!


Disclosure: The company sent me the vanish and youth to review. All opinions are my own in this blog post.

We have a pretty busy schedule during the week and coupled with the fact that I am not a cook….well, deciding what to “prepare” for dinner is always a challenge! I was lucky to receive a few ingredients for meals delivered to my door courtesy of Blue Apron. This delivery service provides you with all the ingredients and a step by step guide to cook the dinner. You can  choose the day day that works best (free delivery) and all the ingredients arrive in a refrigerated box so food stays fresh. All the ingredients are measured for you. What I like about Blue Apron is that you can try it out and cancel it at any time if you decide it’s not for  you. But you have to try it! It makes cooking fun as it takes the work away! It really is a great way to introduce you to new recipes and flavors too- hello….I had no idea what Gai Lan was or anise pods but I cooked with them and the dinner was delish!

Blue Apron sent us two dinners – mexican spiced turkey burgers and star anise & soy-glazed cod. I love how there is a one sheet with color photos with all the ingredients in a simple, step by step guide (because…you know I can’t cook) My kids loved the turkey burgers and we when we said Gai Lan was Chinese broccoli, well they ate it up!

I also appreciated that the prep time was 10-15 minutes so that you are not spending hours cooking – a bonus! Price per serving for a family is low as $8.74 (less than a dinner out) The food was really tasty and something I would have never cooked on my own. We will be ordering again down the road for sure! Below are a few photos. The cod dish was a big hit and the family was so hungry that I had no photos of that dish – but it was fresh, easy to make and very unique ingredients!

Disclosure: Blue Apron sent me two meals to test out. All opinions in this blog post are my own.

A delivery of fresh food ready to cook courtesy of Blue Apron

A delivery of fresh food ready to cook courtesy of Blue Apron

Turkey Burger ingredients! @blueapron

Turkey Burger ingredients! @blueapron

The completed burgers!

The completed burgers!


As a busy mom and businesswoman I am always on the lookout for quick, tasty and easy recipes!

I found that and a new way to look at recipes all divided by 100 calorie portions in a new cookbook. I was lucky to receive a copy of The Perfect Portion Cookbook (new this month!) that makes it easy to enjoy favorite comfort foods by using this unique first-ever 100-calorie-counting system. Happy Days TV star and director Anson Williams was inspired to write the book after visiting the supermarket and seeing all the 100-calorie snack packs. The Perfect Portion Cookbook was co-written with New York Times best-selling cookbook author Bob Warden and food/nutrition expert Mona Dolgov.

This very visual, colorful and easy to follow cookbook is filled with over 150-family favorite recipes. I cannot wait to try to stovetop mac & cheese as well as try to make my own classic tomato soup! It has a recipe for everything from vegetable fried rice to French toast and even sauces like pesto, tzatziki and dressings. There is a great desert section too including recipes for lemon bars, chocolate chip cookies and even fudge. Most of the recipes include better for you ingredients like Greek yogurt, olive oil, fruit and veggies. What I really like about The Perfect Portion Cookbook is how it is color divided with a quick look at the top right hand corner of each page you can see the recipes divided by color for breakfast, casseroles, everyday meals, etc. I also like how each recipe lists prep time and bake time and some even provide a quick helpful tip at the bottom of the page!

This remarkable cookbook is a go-to eating guide with recipes, meal plan tools, tips for 100-calorie smart snacks and a list of everyday exercises that are essential for a healthy lifestyle.

This book provides a great way to watch your calories and manage portion sizes so it’s easy to follow. So whether you want 100, 200 or even 400 calorie portions – you can eat what you want without the guilt. The recipes are “comfort food” oriented too so all my favorite snacks, meals and deserts are listed in the book! Check out the web site  and you will find lots of good information.

Here is a link to purchase it on Amazon.

Disclosure: I was sent a preview copy of The Perfect Portion Cookbook to review. All opinions are my own.

A fun, new colorful cookbook on the market: The Perfect Portion

A fun, new colorful cookbook on the market: The Perfect Portion

Every page of The Perfect Portion Cookbook has easy, yummy recipes

Every page of The Perfect Portion Cookbook has easy, yummy recipes


There are a lot of networking and conference events for women and while I try to attend as many as I can as a busy entrepreneur and mom my time does not allow me to attend them all. The Boston Business Women Innovation Conference is one I cannot miss. The inaugural Boston Business Women Innovation Conference is a conference developed by the group Boston Business Women and will take place May 9, 2016 at the Westin Copley Plaza Hotel in Boston.

Arianna Huffington, president and editor in chief of The Huffington Post is the keynote speaker and the event will be emceed by Emmy award-winning producer and television personality, Jenny Johnson. The founders of Boston Business Women (which is a group I highly recommend you join) was founded by Kristina Tsipouras and Megan Marini.

Here’s a link to the schedule, as well as a link to purchase tickets here.

The Boston Business Women Innovation Conference will cover several topics, including money mindset, the secrets of success, personal branding and how to master work-life balance – I need this one for sure! I cannot wait to network and meet other like-minded business women.

Disclosure: I was invited to attend and given a free ticket. All opinions in this blog post are my own.


It is so hard to get back to school, work and a routine after being on vacation!  We were lucky to be able to stay with friends and visit with friends while we were in Miami!

We also spent time in Fort Lauderdale, Naples and Marco Island. I had never been to the “other side of Florida” and it was just wonderful.  Check out the west coast the next time you are in Florida and especially check out the Marco Marriott.  We were also lucky in that we had a few days and the weekend to relax at home before the kids went back to school and I went back to work. We tried to do the usual – get to bed early a few days before and eat at a normal time – what ways do you get back into a routine after a vacation?


Fun in the sun in  #Florida #marcomarriott 3travel

Fun in the sun in #Florida #marcomarriott #travel



I love a good boot! Especially in the winter, who wants to be caught in uncomfortable, unfashionable boots and boots that don’t keep your feet warm. Not me for sure! So glad that I got to test out the Verona from The Original Muck Boot Company. Are you looking for a nice leather boot that you can wear with leggings, skirts and pants? One that is perfect to wear on snowy days AND one that you can still wear in the office or running about without that bulky snow boot feel? Then the Verona from The Original Muck Boot Company is the solution.

The Original Muck Boot Company has so many multiple styles that are comfortable yet high performance. They offer rubber and leather footwear with a mission to tackle tough conditions or just to stay warm in the winter. So whether you work or spend a lot of time outdoors (think…lawn and garden, outdoor sporting, equine) you have to check out their selection. Or even if you don’t and are looking for a great winter boot this is the place. They also have great rain boots too.

The Verona is a stylish waterproof leather women’s boot. It features 100% waterproof leather, 2mm of neoprene to keep feet warm and dry, two adjustable leather straps, and a full neoprene bootie. It really is a stylish, cute boot. I like the fact that is has a bit of an edge to it too. It is perfect to slip on to walk the dog and yet you can wear it to the office as the leather makes it a bit more dressy than traditional clunky snow boots. I actually got stopped at a store by a young woman who complemented me on how nice the boots looked! Check them out here.

Disclosure: The Original Muck Boot Company sent me a pair of the Verona to test out. All opinions in this blog post are my own.

Packaging for @Muck Bootco is sleek and stylish

Packaging for @MuckBootco is sleek and stylish


A stylish, fun trendy boot from @MuckBootCo

So we all love getting something in the mail right? What about a delivery of all-natural nutritious snacks? Love With Food offers a monthly box of quick and healthy, seasonal and organic natural snacks. Kids will love them, your office mates will love them and I love them! My kids were sneaking in my office each day to see what they could grab.

Love With Food is great company that delivers all-natural snacks via a subscription monthly, but they also donate a meal to a food bank in the US each month someone is a member. To date they have donated over 750k meals! If you are always on the lookout for a wholesome snack try them out.

They have also recently launched a monthly Gluten-Free box and Office Box! Very tasty and unique Gluten-Free snacks. I love how the Gluten-Free box was a mix of sweet and salty – from chips to baked mac n cheese puffs and the whenever bar was great – especially for breakfast or an afternoon snack. There was even a sweet tooth dark chocolate toffee that was to die for!

Super easy Love With Food organic all-natural snacks are delivered to your door every month. Membership starts as low as $7.99/month. I like that the items are unique and hard-to-find.

Disclosure: Love With Food sent me some samples boxes to test out. All opinions in this blog post are my own.

My favorite, unique snacks from @lovewithfood

My favorite, unique snacks from @lovewithfood

@lovewithfood subscription box

@lovewithfood subscription box

Getting a good night’s sleep and being comfortable at night is a must for busy moms and dads! Especially as we get older sometimes becoming overheated at night is a big problem! (hello hot flashes!) I didn’t really think sheets would make a difference but boy was I wrong. The Original PeachSkinSheets company sent me a set to test out and review. These super soft comfort sheets are great for hot sleepers but also work to regulate you as warm sleepers stay cool, and cool sleepers stay warm. They are breathable, ultra soft, anti-pill sheets that feature thermal control and moisture management properties. The durable athletic grade performance SMART fabric wicks away moisture to keep you drier and more comfortable.

At first my husband was like, “big deal what is the difference?” You can immediately feel the difference and softness and that first night we slept on the sheets neither of us woke up in the middle of the night! In fact I did notice that my waking up at 4,5 in the morning has subsided a bit when I put the sheets on. Now we don’t want to go back to our other store bought sheets.

These 1500 thread count soft sheets are available in multiple sizes so check out their web site and fabric guide here

They are also super easy to care for as the sheets have wrinkle release that is activated in the dryer on medium to medium/high heat about 20 minutes after washing.
Make sure to wash them by themselves or with other sheets, no towels, in warm or cold water and with no fabric softener ball or dryer ball. Prices start at $55.

Visit their Facebook page and follow them on twitter too for more information and special deals!
PeachSkinSheets Facebook:

PeachSkinSheets Twitter:

Disclosure: PeachSkinSheets sent me a queen set to review. All opinions in this blog post are my own.


PeachSkinSheets #BestSheetsEver and perfectly packaged

PeachSkinSheets #BestSheetsEver and perfectly packaged

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